The word PEACE has different meanings for different people. Our use of the word focuses on teaching, and, more importantly, achieving "Conscious Empowerment". In order for people to find PEACE, we believe they must consciously empower themselves. This website is dedicated to that mantra.


Our Website:

The PEACE Challenge website is still undergoing development. Thus far, the focus has been on school safety. As time goes on, we intend to expand into other areas such as the healing arts, sustainability, herbal remedies, personal preparedness, and so on. Each of these categories will focus on how individuals, communities, and society at large can "consciously empower" themselves to be better, healthier, safer in their everyday lives.


School Safety:

Since the tragedy at Columbine High School April 20, 1999, there has been a national movement to require "Crisis Response Plans" to promote safer schools.


Senate Bill 08-181:

In Colorado (where we are located), Senate Bill 08-181 was passed requiring every school district in the state to design, develop, and implement a full spectrum emergency management "program".  You can learn more about this Senate Bill 08-181 by reading its Position Paper. Laws and mandates requiring similar activities vary from state to state. None of these requirements have received any significant funding to help schools comply with the mandates.


Multi-Hazard Approach:

In addition, many people associate the term, "school safety" only with acts of school violence. While school violence is very much a valid concern, school safety must also take into consideration every conceivable threat to our children's safety from fire to tornadoes to hazardous materials, etc., etc., etc.

Our efforts in the area of school safety take an "All-Hazards" approach.



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