ICS Benefits



Basic ICS Management Structure





The Incident Command System falls under the NIMS umbrella, regardless of whether the emergency or disaster event being responded to is for schools or for another organization or jurisdiction.

There are several Independent Study courses available through FEMA that give good introductions to the Incident Command System. Because we are focusing our efforts on schools, the training course we recommend to get a basic understanding of how it applies to a school is IS-100 SCA: Introduction to the Incident Command System for Schools.




School Safety Partners


All too frequently, following emergency and disaster events a common thread of concern seems to be inter-operability of communications between and amongst those tasked with responding to those incidents. School Safety Partners took this to heart and came up with the ICS Communications Toolkit.

Designed for sharing critical data, this kit is also available as a free portable app that can be run from a USB flash drive without installation or it can be copied to a desktop computer.