According to FEMA, ongoing preparedness efforts among all those involved in emergency management and incident response activities ensure coordination during times of crisis. Preparedness activities can include planning, training, exercises and much more.


As far as emergency preparedness planning for schools is concerned, SCHOOL EMERGENCY PLANS might be a good place to start.


Again, re-inventing the wheel is not something we recommend. If there are "model" plans out there your group/school would like to emulate, by all means do so. Just be aware of the pitfalls and dangers associated with "cookie-cutter" and "fill-in-the-blank" plans. Here's an example of one that could be used as a "model":


Kitsap County Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning Guide and Model School Plan, Bremerton, WA


There are many more models out there. If this example does not meet your particular needs, please consider an Internet Search.


U.S. Department of Education:


U.S. Department of Education also wraps their information on preparedness planning into their document, Practical Information on Crisis Planning. It begins on Page 3-1.


In addition, most states' emergency management agencies and departments of education should also be able to provide information and resources on preparedness planning for schools.


As always, please note - while these documents and resources are directed at schools, themselves, that does NOT mean community members cannot also use them in helping schools in their own communities put together viable, realistic emergency management/crisis response plans.