As with Response, Recovery is also pretty much a no-brainer. The problem with recovery, however, is that the less prepared we are, the more a recovery costs every single time an emergency or disaster manifests. With schools, a recovery from a mass shooting, for example, can be extraordinarily difficult, time consuming, and costly.


As stated in the Response tab, Response and Recovery are together on the FEMA website.


U.S. Department of Education:


U.S. Department of Education also wraps their information on response into their document, Practical Information on Crisis Planning. It begins on Page 5-1.


Gettin' tired of hearing this, yet? Most states' emergency management agencies and departments of education should also have information and resources readily available on recovery activities and how to go about actually engaging in them effectively and with purpose.


Repetition if the mother of invention: Don't forget, while these documents and resources are directed at schools, themselves, that does NOT mean community members cannot also use them in helping schools in their own communities put together viable, realistic emergency management/crisis response plans.