Before we Begin:


It is extremely important for all of us to remember:





Now that we have that clear, if you decide you want to take your involvement in promoting safer schools one step further, you have the option of establishing a P♦E♦A♦C♦E Challenge Group. This section will help provide the tools you'll need to form and maintain your P♦E♦A♦C♦E Challenge Group as effectively as possible.


Guidance Documents:


These guidance documents will address four key areas:

1. Your Community (Organizing Resources)

2. Build Your Group (Putting Together a Team)

3. Assess Risks (Analyzing Hazards in Your Area)

4. Take Action (Planning and Implementation)

These documents were adapted from FEMA's Hazard Miigation Planning Guidelines. Admittedly, there are many other documents available, and we, by no means, want to give the impression anyone should feel limited to using only what we provide here.

We intend to include checklists and worksheets, as well; all of which we've adapted from guidance from other programs already in existence.

All of these guidance documents will also be provided in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. All you'll need to do is open them up and then save them to your computer.


There is no right or wrong way to put together your P♦E♦A♦C♦E Challenge Group, get it up and running, achieve your desired results, and keep it going. How you choose to do it is entirely up to you and  the members of your specific group.

All The P♦E♦A♦C♦E Challenge is trying to do is provide information that may help in that process. Nothing in any of the guidance documents The P♦E♦A♦C♦E Challenge provides, or in any of the information provided by others and posted to this website, is intended to be taken as specific direction. Nor is it intended to be taken as anything remotely resembling a requirement. This guidance is, in NO WAY, intended to be viewed as being “all-inclusive” either. In fact, your P♦E♦A♦C♦E Challenge Group should always be on the lookout for additional, or new, specific information and other recommendations you may apply to your individual situation. That's what this website is all about: i.e., the 4 C's



COORDINATE plans and activities with others

COOPERATE across boundaries

COLLABORATE with one another

We feel the information we are providing includes some pretty good recommendations and practices. They are based on, and adapted from, proven experience and research and on guidance already in existence for other programs at all levels of government, and the public and private sectors. More will be added as time goes on.