Your new P♦E♦A♦C♦E Challenge Group will need to develop a viable, realistic plan of action, and then put it into play.

This isn't as easy as it may sound, so be prepared to put in a lot of effort on this one. The reason we say this is because the LAST thing you're going to want to do is approach first response, emergency management, and school district personnel with no clear cut plan on what you'd like to see happen and how your group might be able to help make that happen in the spirit of the 4 C's:







You'll need to prove to the key stakeholder groups that your group knows what they're doing, and that you really CAN help in the process.


Their mindset will more than likely start out from a position of skepticism and reluctance. It's not up to them to change that perspective. Rather, it is up to your Group to show them, by example and demonstration, and in a positive and collaborative way, that you really CAN help.


And, as previously mentioned:





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