We, as humans, both in the feminine and masculine, being intuitively and instinctually aware come together as a balanced energy in motion within the laws of nature on this united Earth. We do so in solidarity for the purpose of creating a more harmonic tone in which and wherein we raise our hearts, our minds, and our voices to call for PEACE as ONE humanity; in universal consciousness and empowerment; for our inalienable rights to the greatest of qualities of life; and with an abundance and equality in our natural resources for all - regardless of physical locality.

We the people, move to create a more perfect global atmosphere and culture free from manmade diseases of imposed fear, greed, political slant/posturing, secular religious righteousness, power mongering, puppeteering, profiteering, corruption, manipulation, pollution and war. We center ourselves in this action wholeheartedly with the pure intention of clearing these stressors based upon the understanding that the preservation of our planet and all its life forms is a necessity for future generations.

We the One Humanity, will no longer stand idly by and continue to allow self-serving powers to impose their form of governance, corporatism, commercialism, or industrialism in which they promote inequity that outweighs, overwhelms, or sacrifices the health and well being of humanity or our environment.

Humankind must address and sustain the highest good of all its participants, for without the allowance of dignity and the meeting of basic human needs, the integrity of the whole collapses in implosion.

We as One All-inclusive People demand our universal language be one of truth, regardless of country of origin, dialect, verbal or written.

We come forward not in protest or to commission any real or imagined higher authority or power for any permission or sanctions. Rather, we do so as a conscious choice; in a quest to awaken and enlighten ourselves and each other to the unlimited potential of our birthright, and to effect positive change which shall be all inclusive to serving, nurturing and protecting the highest good of the whole.

We stand to entreaty, honor, enjoy, freely dream and share our individual gifts and abilities with support and encouragement. We offer these talents, gifts and abilities freely to the whole without fear of retribution or persecution. We demand human kindness and caring be rewarded and valued above any and all monetary value systems, and we declare PEACE ON EARTH!

We acknowledge and recognize the interconnectedness and importance of All Beings and Mother Earth. Our focus henceforth will be to heal the past, present and future through the echoes of our love, artistic expressions and scientific discoveries from this day forward to infinity.


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